Yide Casting & Machinery Manufacturer/ Supplier( Jima casting manufacturer )

Zhejiang Yide Machinery Co,. Ltd. is a newborn company from Ninghai Jinma (JM)Casting Manufacturer, mainly responsible for international trade customized casting transactions all over the world.

Thus Yide is always committed to providing high quality but factory price customized casting services for more and more customers in the whole world.

Every casting customer is welcome to visit our casting factory and realize our gray iron casting, ductile iron cast, brass casting and steel casting production process.

Join us, you will get a sincere powerful iron casting partner.

Ninghai Jinma Casting Co,. Ltd (JM) is a professional casting manufacturer, focus on manufacturing top quality ductile cast iron, grey cast iron, cast steel, brass casting, bronze casting for our customers since 1993.

In addition, Jinma also keeps a top passion for advanced technology in the heat exchanger and we have our own independently developed patent product – JM heat exchanger.

And JM casting factory has our own casting factory covering an area of 20000 sqm, over 200 employees, provide mold designing, shell casting, grey cast iron, cast steel, ductile cast iron, and finish machining service according to your requirements of surface finish & casting parameter.

JM casting manufacturer has enough ability to manufacture clay sand casting & precoated sand casting capacity over 20,000 tons, with the main products:

Automobile Casting, Truck Casting, Cast Iron Fire Truck, Cast Iron Toy Tractors, Forklift Parts Casting/Hand Lift Casting, Agricultural Machinery Casting, Construction Industry Casting, Brass Casting, Bronze Casting, and Heat exchangers.

What we can do for you


High Advanced Iron Casting Equipment

Testing Equipment for Iron Casting

JM casting manufacturer has our won high advanced fully automatic production equipment and various types of testing equipment for iron casting & steel castings, such as spectrum analyzer, three-coordinate detector, metallographic analyzer, and tensile testing machine imported from Germany.

So JM can manufacture different metal material and model according to the real requirements of our metal casting customers.

CNC Equipment and Machining Center for Casting

JM casting factory also has machining capabilities.

Various CNC equipment and Machining Center can meet customers’ requirements for product processing technology and dimensional accuracy. The current accuracy of iron casting parts can reach 2U.

Three Types of  Casting

In a word, JM casting manufacturer specialized in three types of products as below.

Sand Casting and Investment Casting:

JM casting manufacturer has two fully automatic production lines for producing grey cast iron, ductile iron, and steel castings, and is equipped with imported sand castle cast machines from Germany, which manufactures iron casting parts with high accuracy up to 2-3u.

sand casting mold

Green Sand Casting Module, Steel Casting Module, Clay Sand Casting Module

Brass Casting & Bronze Casting:

JM ductile iron casting factory also accepts bronze casting or brass casting.

brass casting manufacturing and machining

Brass Casting Pipe Head, Bronze Casting Machining, Blank Brass Casting

We have a power frequency furnace dedicated to the production of copper castings. At present, shell casting or precoated casting is used. At present, we are equipped with 20 core shooting machines for the production of sand molds. Together with the spectrum analyzer, we can satisfy different customers with different products. The requirements of ingredients, as well as the subsequent size finishing and packaging requirements according to customer requirements, provide customers with one-stop complete service.

JM heat exchanger:

Sand casting aluminum+ brass casting.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Room

Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Room

The heat exchanger with aluminum foil and copper tube as the main component is mainly exported to the European, American and American markets. It is mainly used for accessories in air conditioners. The circulation of medium water in the copper tube achieves the functions of cooling and heating. Through strict production procedures and technological processes, we strictly control the quality of layers, provide customers with zero-defect products, and combine technology and practice to save costs for customers and improve production efficiency.

Quality Control of Iron Casting or Steel Casting

Yide Casting believes that “Quality is first, business based on sincerity”, providing best quality casting iron part to support our customers’ business is to boom our business, finally to achieve the “win-win”.

Yide iron casting manufacturer can provide both casting and machining service, we always have relative lodge cast iron types of equipment for quality inspection of Yide raw iron material test and final casting parts.

Casting Order File Storage

Yide Casting always keeps an order file for our iron casting customers, so that you can trace the source if you meet any quality problem of your final casting products in the future,  like cast iron furniture, or in the future, cast iron fire truck, or cast iron pot 2, etc.

Yide casting casting product showcase

Yide Casting Casting Product Showcase

order files & cast iron product

Order Files & Cast Iron Product

the braket for order file and iron cast sample

The Braket for Order File and Iron Cast Sample

Customized Package of Casting Parts

And the final packaging link can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the different needs of different customers, such as wood carton for cast iron bathtub or cast iron radiators, hard carton for ductile cast iron pipe or some small truck parts.

iron casting products shelf

Iron Casting Products Shelf

braket of grey iron castings

Braket of Grey Iron Castings

The packages of iron casting parts

The Packages of Iron Casting Parts