Automatic Molding Castings

Yide Machinery casting factory uses FBO automatic molding line to produce iron castings parts for vehicles, cars, trucks, tractors, plow points etc.

The advantages of automatic molding are high production rate, good dimensional tolerance, good surface quality, and very stable casting quality.

However, the disadvantages are high metal pattern cost, high min. order quantity, the limitation of size and unit weight of castings.

Automatic Molding Production Process

Concept of The Fully Automatic Casting Iron Production Line

Fully automatic casting production line of Yide Casting can manufacture the final roughcasting parts automatically, equipped with fully automatic molding machine, automatically moving the sand cast mold, automatic pouring, automatic moving the roughcasting item into the sand mixer,  not only reduces the labor cost, but also enhances the cast iron quality.

yide casting auto fully casting production line

Yide casting auto fully casting production line

Yide Casting always finished our casting orders of iron casting pipe, iron casting brackets, pump iron casting and valve cast iron in the quick time. Thus Yide Casting always can provide a good delivery time for our casting customer, since equipped with the fully automatic casting product lines imported from Germany.

Automatic Casting System

casting mold

casting mold

Fully automatic molding machine is casting equipment that is used to manufacture sand mold. Steps as follows: automatically inject loose sand into the sandbox, compact, lift mold, close box, remove the box, roll out, cast, and push the casted sandbox into the sand mixer. Thus keep on producing the casting parts by repeating the steps.

sand casting mold

sand casting mold

FBO automatic boxless molding machine can completely resolve the problems as:
1. The high labor intensity of the workers

forklift casting parts

forklift casting parts

2. High technical requirements of casting
3. Improve casting iron product quality
4. Reduce costs and other issues

Advantages of FBO automatic molding machine:

1. Make maximum use of the existing iron casting equipment and supporting the power of the foundry to save investment.

2. Fast installation and debugging, so as to put into casting parts production quickly.

3. Fully automatic one-button operation without professional and technical personnel. Equipped with fault and monitoring display functions, so as to detect faults and valve actions, oil pressure, air pressure, pressure changes easily, thus making maintenance convenient and fast.

4. Stable mechanical performance, safe and reliable with special technology. Simultaneous operation of upper and lower profiles, simultaneous sand addition, even sand mold, high hardness, short molding time, low air consumption, low noise and many other advantages.

5. The height of the sand mold is adjustable, thus can be applied to castings of different heights.

6. Easy to replace the mold plate, and the old ones can be used directly.

7. High positioning accuracy of the sand mold. The machine adopts a pilot pin positioning. The sand mold can be positioned twice to prevent defects such as shift and low accuracy.

8. Easy to set the core.

9. Equipped with advanced safety devices, which can effectively protect the operator.