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As a 28 years’ experience casting iron manufacturer, Yide casting manufactures the casting iron parts of double electric pallet jacks by ourselves, engraved “JM” on casting parts, with the absolute advantage in production cost, thus we can provide the best price and top quality for you.

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Yide’s Electric Pallet Jacks allow you to do more in less time with increased productivity in pedestrian applications.

Pallet jacks play a very important role in the logistics system of enterprises and are the main force in material handling equipment. A pallet jack is widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as stations, ports, airports, factories, warehouses, etc. It is efficient equipment for mechanized loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation.

This time Yide launched two new electric pallet trucks, including conventional lead-acid battery models and new lithium battery models.

Besides electric pallet jacks products, we also provide hand pallet jack parts for manual pallet jack factories worldwide.


Through communication with our professionals, we can best understand the functions you need. Our electric pallet jack experts will work with you to find the best one that suits you.

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Electric pallet jack, also known as electric pallet truck, is the logistics handling equipment that plays the role of moving goods.

Electric pallet jack uses battery as  power source, and motor as power  to drive the vehicle through gear transmission. The lifting of the fork relies on a DC motor and hydraulic transmission to push the cylinder to move up and down to move the cargo.

The car’s walking and lifting are all electric. The driving mode is walkie, and the steering operation is rudder-handle steering. Therefore, it has the features of labor-saving, high efficiency, smooth cargo operation, simple operation, safe and reliable, low noise, and no pollution.

The electric pallet jack is a battery-powered pallet truck. Compared with the manual pallet truck, it is convenient and saves a lot of effort.

Then, what is the principle of the electric pallet truck design?  Yide will explain for you.

1. Body:

The body of the electric pallet truck is welded castings. And the circuit control lines and hydraulic components are on both sides of the tail box. This makes the components of the body relatively independent and coordinated. Thus makes it easier for everyone to operate.

2. Walking:

The walking of the electric pallet jack is achieved by driving the rotation of the driving wheel with a DC motor as the power.

3. Capacitance meter:

The battery capacity meter on the car body can accurately see the amount of electricity used and can remind everyone to charge in time.

In addition, the pedals, handles and other components are all designed according to ergonomics, making the operation more sensitive and accurate.

The design principle of the electric pallet truck not only makes the handling work more labor-saving, but also greatly increases the safety index. The electric pallet truck of Yide has a variety of types, which makes it widely applicable to chemical, medical, food and other industries.

When operating an electric pallet truck, it is not simply a matter of turning on the power and moving. In the process of use, you should pay attention to the operation methods. The correct use of electric pallets can not only extend the service life of electric pallet jacks, but also improve work efficiency. The specific operations are as follows:

1. The battery should be protected during the use of the electric pallet truck. It is essential to charge the battery in time and maintain it correctly. Pay attention to the method when charging the battery. You should make the battery fully charged, but not overcharged.

2. When the truck is going downhill, do not disconnect the circuit that drives the motor. You should lightly step on the brake pedal to keep the vehicle in a state of regenerative braking. Use the vehicle’s downward function to reduce the energy consumption of the battery.

3. In the operation of the electric pallet truck, try to minimize long-term and long-distance acceleration. If the road conditions are not ideal, the vehicle needs to slow down, relax the accelerator pedal, and lightly depress the brake pedal.

4. During the operation of the vehicle, if the power generation battery is insufficient, the battery should be charged as soon as possible to prevent excessive discharge of the battery.

When using an electric pallet jack, you must strictly follow the instructions to avoid unnecessary troubles. If you want to know more about the electric pallet truck, please enter the detailed technical information page, or email to Julia@yidecasting.com for consultation.

Electric pallet truck is a widely used in modern logistics industry. Electric pallet truck uses batteries as power source, which saves effort. and suitable for heavy loads and long-time handling of goods. It is one of the indispensable effective equipment in handling operations.

Then, what are the main advantages of electric pallet trucks?

1. The overall body is small and light, so it can work easily in smaller warehouses or other spaces.

2. The integrated operating handle is very easy to operate.

3. Equipped with high-efficiency DC traction motor, the traction force is large, the running speed can be controlled, and the heavy cargo can be easily handled.

4. The hydraulic system adopts an integral hydraulic pump station. The material can be easily lifted or put down by pressing the lifting or down button on the control handle.

5. Equipped with a stepless speed regulation system, it can control the forward and backward speed according to the surrounding environment and the load of the goods in operation.

6. Large capacity battery, strong endurance during operation.

7. The five-point structure at the bottom ensures that the electric pallet truck runs more smoothly.

8. The high-definition, waterproof LCD screen can keep track of the battery power and operating conditions of the vehicle at any time, and can automatically alarm if the power is low.

Choosing a good electric pallet truck can not only bring you efficient work efficiency, but also reduce the failure rate in use. The above points are the advantages of YIDE electric pallet trucks, which have been recognized by our customers for your reference.


You don’t necessarily need a driver’s license to operate an electric pallet truck.

But in some cities, you may be required to have certification to operate electric pallet jacks.

Nowadays, electric handling equipments have been used by many customers because of its characteristics, such as smooth operation, convenient, fast, flexible, energy-saving, environmental protection and low noise. As people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection increases, a series of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products such as electric pallets and electric stackers will surely become very popular logistics machinery and equipment in the future.

There are so many brands and products of electric pallet jacks on the market. Now, Let me introduce how to choose electric pallet trucks for you.

1. According to your own job requirements

The operation requirements of electric pallet trucks generally include the pallets used to carry the goods, the specifications and models of the goods, the height that needs to be lifted, as well as the required operation efficiency and the working habits of the personnel.

2. According to the working environment

If the operating environment has requirements for noise. It is necessary to purchase targeted vehicles in terms of model and configuration. If you are working in a refrigerated room or an explosion-proof environment, the electric pallet truck should also be a vehicle that can work in the cold room and an explosion-proof environment. It is also necessary to consider the places that the truck must pass frequently, such as whether the door or elevator affects its entry.

3. According to the functions you need

Pallet trucks generally have functions such as stacking, loading and unloading, and horizontal handling. You need to choose a specific model from it. In addition, there are some operational functions with special requirements, which require a special structure of the vehicle.

In addition to the above situations, you should also take the following characteristics into consideration:

1. More reliable performance

The configuration of the product is very important, and good configuration can ensure good performance in use. For example: the motor is driven quickly; the braking performance can be controlled at any time; the hydraulic system rises and falls smoothly, and the failure rate is low.

2. High security

Product design should pay attention to safety, and the overall design should conform to ergonomic principles, such as: centralized control handle, in case of emergency, it must be able to brake through the control handle to quickly cut off the power supply, and the slippery road must have anti-slip function.

3. Simple operation

The humanized handle and centralized all the operating buttons bring great comfort to the driver in operation.

4. Easy to maintain

The product is not only easy to use, but also easy to maintain, so that it can be popular. For example, the power source battery and drive system should be easy to replace.

Lithium batteries are favored, thanks to the environmental protection and energy saving characteristics. However, due to the lower-popularity of charging equipment, the limitation of cruising range, and the uncontrollable driving area, most of the lithium batteries are currently only used in commuter cars, electric maintenance vehicles, sanitation cleaning vehicles and short-term buses.

Pallet jacks have the characteristics of strong work intensity and a fixed environment because most of their operations are in the factory area. Therefore, many advantages of lithium batteries can be reflected in electric pallet jacks.

Now I will introduce the advantages of lithium battery electric pallet jacks for you:

1. Lithium battery pallet trucks can effectively reduce logistics costs.

2. Long life: three times the life of traditional lead-acid battery pallet jack.

3. Cost saving: lithium battery can save more than 40% of electricity, reduce management costs, and save battery storage space.

4. Maintenance-free: The lithium battery pallet truck does not need to add water. At the same time, there is no pollution such as dripping corrosion.

5. Improve operating efficiency.

6. Fast charging mode: the 1-3 hour fast charging mode is suitable for multi-shift operation and saves time.

7. The lithium battery is charged and used immediately to avoid the time and safety risks of battery replacement.

8. More powerful and can completely replace internal combustion pallet jack.

9. Technically monitor the status of electric pallet jack and batteries to improve management.

10. More environmental protection, energy saving, no pollution, no corrosion, no lead.

11. High-tech, more advanced, representing the direction of industrial development.

In summary, compared with traditional lead-acid battery ones, lithium battery pallet jacks have incomparable advantages, which will be the general trend. The rapid development of the logistics industry requires a pallet jack that has short charging time, long use time, stable performance, able to withstand high-intensity operations, and has a high degree of automation and intelligence.

As a new type of logistics handling equipment, all-electric pallet jacks have taken a place in the vast market. How to effectively avoid or eliminate hidden troubles has also become a problem.

Therefore, in the communication and discussion with our engineering and technical personnel, we deliberately collected and summarized some problems that are prone to occur during the application of electric pallets, and the methods to solve them.

Common Faults and Solutions

  • Shaking during lifting

1. There is air in the lifting cylinder, which can be solved by multiple loading and lifting exhaust.

2. Oil leakage in hydraulic system: repair and replace oil seal and hydraulic cylinder.

  • Self-descent when loading

1. If there is oil leakage in the oil pipe or oil circuit joint, the seal should be replaced.

2. Internal leakage due to electromagnetic, manual reversing valves, check valves are stuck with dirt or the sealing ring is worn. You should clean the valve block and replace the seal.

  • Lifting speed is too slow or unable to lift

1. The oil tank is short of oil, and hydraulic oil needs to be refilled or replaced completely.

2. The pressure of the overflow valve is insufficient, readjust it.

3. Excessive wear of the oil pump causes internal leakage and needs to be replaced.

4. Electromagnetic, manual reversing valve, one-way valve, safety valve wear or seal wear and aging, need to be updated.

5. The hydraulic oil temperature has been too high for a long time. The hydraulic oil has deteriorated and its viscosity has dropped, resulting in leakage. Replace the hydraulic oil.

  • The driving wheel produces abnormal noise when walking

1. Mixed with hard impurities in the lubricant, renew the lubricant

2. The bearing is excessively worn or damaged and needs to be replaced.

  • Brake failure

1. The control circuit is not disconnected, check the control system.

2. The brake friction lining is worn, replace it.

  • Cannot move at all

1. Check whether the electric door lock has been opened or broken.

2. Whether the battery is out of electricity, or insufficient. Recharge the battery.

  • Cannot move forward or backward

1. The battery power is insufficient, recharge the power.

2. The walking control micro switch is loosened and the screw is tightened.

3. The DC contactor is broken, repair or replace.

4. The electronic control board is damaged, repair or replace.

5. Drive motor fails, check and repair.

6. The brakes are locked, adjust the distance of the drive wheel brake pads.

  • The battery life is short and cannot be charged

1. Insufficient battery solution, add distilled water or lead-acid water

2. The battery is aging, replace with a new battery.

3. Poor contact of the power socket, trim the contact surface.

4. If the battery is seriously broken or damaged, replace the unified battery.

  • The charger does not work

1. If there is no display on the charger, then the capacitive breaker is blown.

2. If the charger power light is on, then the internal capacitor breaker is open or resistive, and the rectifier is damaged.

We should pay attention to the following steps and methods when disassembling the electric pallet jacks.

1. Clean the entire machine externally before disassembly.

2. Before disassembling, perform a technical inspection of the machinery(pre-inspection). In order to clarify the technical status of the components for reference when repairing.

3. Carry out disassembly in the correct order. Under normal circumstances, remove the parts from outside to inside.

4. When disassembling, use appropriate tools, including special tools and equipment. Hammer and shovel are strictly prohibited to hit, which will cause deformation or damage to the parts.

5. During inspection and maintenance, if parts that can be determined to be in good condition without disassembly, do not dismantle or replace them. So as not to damage, deform or reduce its accuracy during disassembly. The parts that need to be inspected, repaired or replaced must be removed.

6. When disassembling the machine, pay attention to the original assembly quality. At the same time, measure the necessary assembly clearance at any time. In order to analyze and study whether the parts are normally worn and improve the repair quality.

7. When disassembling, double parts with special requirements for relative positions, and non-interchangeable parts should be marked or placed in pairs. Thus you can reinstall them in place during the assembly process to ensure accuracy.

8. The disassembled parts should be cleaned, coated with anti-rust oil, and stored separately.

9. No matter what method is used to remove the rolling bearing, force should be evenly applied to the seat ring. It is strictly forbidden to directly hit the bearing race with a hand hammer. Transfer force through balls and rollers are also not allowed.

The popular use of electric pallets has greatly reduced labor intensity. The machine can work continuously, but at the same time, we have to maintain it in order to extend the service life of the electric pallet truck.

YIDE has summarized the main points of the daily maintenance of all-electric pallet jacks for you:

1. Always pay attention to the battery’s power. And charge it in time if it is out of power or too low.

2. Check the reliability and flexibility of steering components.

3. Check the tightness of parts, such as: wheel screws, steering gear screws, wheel fixing rods, lifting chain pull-in screws, etc.

4. Check for leakage, such as hydraulic system lifting cylinder, battery leakage, drive motor, pipe joints, etc.

5. Check the firmness of pedaling.

6. Check the quality of the control handle buttons, such as forward, backward, brake, etc.

7. Check the degree of wear of the drive gear. Add lubricating oil at intervals to ensure its lubricity.

8. Check the tolerance of the fork.

9. Check whether the hydraulic cylinder is flexible. If it is dull, add lubricant oil.

a. The altitude should not exceed 1000 meters.

b. The ambient air temperature shall not exceed +40℃ and not lower than -25℃.

c. When the ambient temperature is +40℃, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%. At lower temperatures, a relative higher humidity is allowed.

d. Hard, flat ground.

e. It is forbidden to use the vehicle in corrosive environments such as inflammable, explosive or acid-base.

How much do you know about electric pallets? You will an expert when choosing a pallet truck, if you know the advantages and disadvantages of electric pallet trucks and manual pallet trucks.

The electric pallet truck is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. While the manual pallet truck is easy to maintain and cost-effective. Today we will make a comparison between the two. So that you can better choose the products that suit you.

1. In terms of performance

The all-electric stacker has excellent performance, easy to learn, and can be easily operated by anyone. It has high click efficiency, strong continuous working ability and high work efficiency.

While manual pallet trucks depend on the strength of the operator. It is very laborious and wasting time. In other words, its work efficiency is low.

2. In terms of operation

The electric pallet truck moves, lifts, and turns throughout the entire process. The operation of the left and right hand buttons can complete the entire operation process. The operation is easy and fast. The walking stability and waterproof design of the vehicle can adapt to various outdoor weather conditions.

However, the manual pallet truck is completely manual for lifting, walking, and turning, and the operation is very tiring.

3. In terms of safety

Electric pallet trucks rely on the design of safety concepts. Considering the operator’s controllability, full load is also safer. For safety reasons, electric pallet trucks are generally equipped with pedals to effectively ensure the safety of operators. Moreover, an emergency power off switch is set on the control panel. When an emergency occurs, all power supplies can be cut off by pressing the emergency power off button, and the electric pallet truck immediately stops walking.

When the manual pallet truck is heavily loaded, it is easy to tip over and cause work accidents during the handling process. This affects work efficiency and has a relatively high accident rate.

4. In terms of maintenance

The electric pallet truck adopts a modular design, which is easy to disassemble and maintain. The battery is maintenance-free and has a built-in charger. When repairing, you only need to open the cover of the electric pallet truck, and each part is clear at a glance. At the same time, a large-capacity battery is also optional, and the working time can be as long as 10 hours. In addition, you can choose an electronic scale to meet individual needs. The maintenance cost is low.

The manual pallet truck has simple structure and simple maintenance.

5. In terms of operating experience

Electric pallet trucks are significantly better than manual pallet trucks because they are all designed based on human engineering. Nevertheless the operation of electric pallet truck is labor-saving and easy to learn. The ergonomically designed control handle is convenient for left and right hand operation and improves driving comfort. In addition, a movable pedal is designed at the back. When not in use, the pedal is folded, and when in use, the pedal is opened, allowing the operator to stand and operate, which is comfortable and convenient.

Therefore, in terms of operating experience, electric pallets are significantly better than manual pallets.

6. In terms of price

Manual pallet trucks have an advantage in price. Renewal of logistics warehousing equipment too quickly will result in a substantial increase in logistics costs, and most logistics warehousing uses manual pallets.

Electric pallets will be purchased in busy logistics locations to comprehensively improve logistics efficiency and reduce logistics costs.