Machining Service for Cast Iron

Yide Casting is a leading iron casting manufacturer, casting parts machining provider, we can produce the cast iron parts and machine them in-house.

As a casting & machining supplier, Yide Casting is also equipped with a highly advanced imported casting production line and high-precision machining equipment.

Yide Machining Workshops

Yide casting works from iron casting for many years since 1993s, we don’t only provide customized iron casting service, we also machine the cat iron by ourselves. Yide casting has our own machining workshop, equipped with many old casting machines worked by laborers, but we also have the imported efficient machining machines for cast machining.

As a one-stop casting iron manufacturer, Yide is always committed to providing you the best service and nice quality iron cast at a good price.

Numerical Control Lathe Machines

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