Yide Casting is a professional casting & machining manufacturer located in Ninghai, supplies customized casting products according to your requirements, manufactures quality gray iron casting parts, ductile iron cast items, brass/bronze casting, steel casting parts for our customers.

As a customized iron casting manufacturer, we mainly provide casting service for our customers, cast iron parts cover the oil pump, valve, pipe fitting, manhole, bracket, etc common casting part, and other casting parts that we can’t show on the website because of the copyright of our clients. If you want to custom casting parts, please send us your drawing file to make a free casting sample, we’d like to serve you and keep secret for all of your information. CONTACT US.

Classified by Casting Material

    Classified by Casting Application

Forklift Parts Ductile Iron Support Seat

Forklift Parts Support Seat

( Ductile Iron )

pump over for forklift ductile iron

Fork Truck Pump Over 

( Ductile Iron )

Auto parts gray iron damping block

Auto Parts Damping Block

( Gray Iron )

valve handle ductile iron

Valve Handle

( Ductile Iron )

Ductile iron cylinder base

Cylinder Base

( Ductile Iron )

Oil Pump

( Ductile Iron )

More Casting Products

Casting standard as follow:

National standard: Gray iron GB/T 9439-1988
Ductile iron GB/T 1412-2005
European standard: gray iron casting EN_1561
Ductile iron EN_1563
American Standard: Gray Iron ASTM A48/A48M-2003
Ductile Iron ASTM A536-1984
Austenitic ductile iron casting ASTM A439-1983 (2009

All the time, Yide always is looking forward to providing the best casting car parts or forklift casting parts for our customers. Moreover, if you are interested in our casting parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and you are welcome to visit our factory.