Yide Casting is a decades years’ iron casting foundry in China, besides iron casting, we are also good at copper casting, especially for heat exchanger copper parts, we have mastered the core technology, exports copper cast parts for the heat exchangers worldwide. Under a good background in excellent copper casting technology, we decide to develop our own heat exchanger for the air conditioners, and we also get the patent in our JM heat exchanger.

With thousands of testing and the good feedback from our client, we can say we have our own developing ability to produce heat exchanger for conditioner, and it is successful in the market using because of its excellent heat & cool exchanging function. JM copper casting manufacturer embeds the brass tube into the heat exchanger for air exchange, and this heat exchanger is already used in the JAGA conditioner, and it works very well.

Below is our patented heat exchanger, if you are interested in our heat exchanger, or copper tube for heat exchanger, please feel free to contact us, and you are also welcome to visit our factory for more details.