Ductile Cast Iron Pump Impeller

Product NameDuctile Cast Iron Pump Impeller
MaterialDuctile Cast Iron QT50-5
Brinell Hardness BH 160-220
Casting ModuleSand Casting, Green Sand Casting / Clay Sand Casting
Weight2-20kg / set
Quality ControlSpectrum Analyzer, Three-Coordinate Detector, Metallographic Analyzer, Tensile Testing Machine Imported From Germany.


Ductile Cast Iron Pump Impeller

Yide casting is a profession casting factory, established in 1993s, provide ductile casting, grey cast and brass cast parts, and also provides machining service too.

The basic structure of a centrifugal pump is composed of six parts: impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring, and stuffing box. The impeller is the core part of the centrifugal pump. The ductile cast iron pump impeller has a high speed and a large output. The blades on the impeller play a major role. The impeller must pass a static balance experiment before assembly. The inner and outer surfaces of the impeller are required to be smooth to reduce the friction loss of the water flow.

The ductile cast iron pump impeller mainly has four types: closed, front semi-open, rear semi-open and open.

The pump impeller produced by Yide Casting is shaped like a propeller. The strength of the impeller will be insufficient if use ordinary gray cast iron; at the same time, considering that when the impeller is normalized, it may be deformed and affect the performance of the pump, so we determined to use ductile cast iron QT50-5. This not only ensures the accuracy of the impeller geometry, but also saves energy, reduces costs and shortens the delivery cycle.

Compared with cast steel gate valves, ductile cast iron globe valves have the following advantages:

  1. Simple structure and easy maintenance:
  2. Short working stroke and fast opening and closing time (the opening height of the valve disc is 0.2~0.3 of the nominal diameter)
  3. Good sealing performance, low friction between sealing surfaces and long life.

Yide casting manufactures these iron casting products with a strict standard.

  1. Don’t allow any defects on the surface of truck casting items, such as porosity, trachoma and cold partition.
  2. The product burr should be handled cleanly, for better installing and using of our casting customer.
  3. It is absolute to manufacture a real dimensional accuracy of the machining not exceed the tolerance, according to your’ drawing requirements.Yide casting always designs a reasonable machining and processing steps to reduce the clamping step, so that Yide can ensure processing accuracy and maximize the production of casting products.

Electrophoresis Treatment of Iron Casting Parts

Yide iron casting always does electrophoresis treatments on the surface of the iron casting product, so that coated a protective film on the cast gray iron parts surface.

The electrophoresis treatments of casting items not only can prevent corrosion and rust during the use of the product effectively, but also decorate the iron cast items surface more beautiful and smooth.

Product Name Cast Iron Pump Impeller
Casting Type Ductile Iron Casting
Casting Module Sand Casting / Clay Sand Casting / Green Sand Casting
Casting Manufacturer YiDe Iron Casting
Quality Control Spectrum Analyzer, Three-Coordinate Detector, Metallographic Analyzer, Tensile Testing Machine Imported From Germany.
Standards ASTM A48, ISO 185, DIN 1691, EN 1561, JIS G5501, UNI 5007, NF A32-101, BS 1452, IS 210, UNF, NBN 830-01, AS 1830, SS14 01, NS11 100
Material Grade 65-45-12
Application Pump
Machining Requirements grinding to mirror for top and bottom side
Defects Requirements Zero defects for both top and bottom side, and inside
Inspection Method visual, dimensional, X-ray inspection
Exported to USA

Production of Cast Iron Globe Valve

  1. Machine Molding

    Yide iron casting factory comes from China, is a professional iron casting, steel casting and brass casting manufacturer, provides OEM service for our automatic trailer accessories casting customers.

    The first step of an order beginning is to make a module according to your requirement. Yide has a high advance molding equipment to make automatic parts molding, can make a high hard sand molding according to the module design.

    YiDe iron casting manufacturer has two types of sand to make casting module – reusable sand and disposable sand. Thus you can choose suitable sand according to your needs. Of course, the reusable sand module needs more cost than the disposable sand module.

  2. Melting and Pouring

    As you think, the raw material of iron casting is pig iron, Yide Stainless Casting needs to melt these pig iron, and pouring these liquid pig iron into the sand module so that we can get an original roughcasting part.

  3. Inspection Before Producing

    When the JM iron casting factory gets an iron casting order, there will be some requirements of chemical composition, such as carbon.
    So Yide casting must have a strict casting inspection before big production.

  4. Machining

    After melting & pouring, passing the casting inspection, Yide Casting will arrange the production of truck iron cast parts or other castings. Then do machining for these rough gray casting parts, make them look more beautiful, and have good dimensional accuracy according to the requirements.
    Various CNC equipment and Machining Center can meet customers’ requirements for product processing technology and dimensional accuracy. The current accuracy of iron casting parts can reach 2U.

Final Quality Control of Cast Iron Globe Valve

JM iron casting manufacturer always has relative lodge cast iron types of equipment for quality inspection of JM raw iron material test and final casting parts.

Package of Ductile Cast Valve Handwheel

Yide casting package our casting grey iron products, ductile iron casting products or bronze/brass casting parts with fumigation-free wooden box, and the inside of the box is also separated by carton and partition board.

A customized package is available too.

The final packaging of Yide iron casting can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the different needs of different customers, such as wood carton for cast iron bathtub or cast iron radiators, hard carton for ductile cast iron pipe or some small truck parts.

Yide Casting provides a one-stop service for our casting iron customers.

Whatever from casting, processing, surface treatment, inspection or packaging, Yide casting strives to deliver the best shell casting & green sand casting products to our clients.

Quality and punctual delivery are the factory’s cooperation guidelines!

If you are interested in our customized iron casting products, and looking for OEM, ODM casting service, please feel free to contact us for more details and get a quick quote.