Electric Pallet Jack

Product NameElectric Pallet JackElectric Pallet Jack
ModelYDL3 (1)YDL3 (2)
Fork Dimensions (mm)560*1150685*1150
Service Weight with Battery (kg)150150
Rated Traction Weight (t)1.51.5
BatteryLead-acid BatteryLead-acid Battery
20GP Container Loading Quantity 5448
40GP Container Loading Quantity120102
EXW Price (CNY)60006100


Yide’s latest electric pallet jack with lithium battery allows you to move products in the warehouse more efficiently and conveniently.

Lithium batteries are favored, thanks to the environmental protection and energy saving characteristics. However, due to the lower-popularity of charging equipment, the limitation of cruising range, and the uncontrollable driving area, most of the lithium batteries are currently only used in commuter cars, electric maintenance vehicles, sanitation cleaning vehicles and short-term buses.

Pallet jacks have the characteristics of strong work intensity and a fixed environment because most of their operations are in the factory area. Therefore, many advantages of lithium batteries can be reflected in electric pallet jacks.

Warehouse Space Planning

  • Highly maneuverable
  • Up to 1.5 tons capacity
  • Long run times

Features & Advantages

  • Compact structure

The structural design is compact and flexible. The overall width of the vehicle is 560mm, and the minimum turning radius is 1398mm. It can work flexibly even in narrow spaces, and move quickly and easily as well.

  • Flexible operation

The comfortable operating handle further enhances the operating flexibility; and can realize the upright walking function of the handle, saving steering space. At the same time, the flexible design can easily and quickly realize the battery replacement and improve the work efficiency.

  • High security

Under full load, it can achieve 5% slope braking, which fully highlights the strong climbing ability of Yide walkie pallet jacks, but also the capabity to stand firmly. The whole vehicle has overload protection, standing slope protection, low battery protection, double braking, automatic lifting limit and other functions. Equipped with emergency reverse device, emergency brake switch, etc., to ensure the safety of operators in all aspects.

  • Excellent stability

It is equipped with world-class batteries to provide reliable power supply for the whole vehicle.

Technical Parameters




1.3Power unitElectric
1.5Rated traction weightQ (t)1.5
1.6Load centrec (mm)600
1.8Axle centre to fork facex (mm)944
1.9Wheel basey (mm)1243


2.1Service weight with batterykg142


3.1Wheels type


3.2Driving wheel sizeΦ×w(mm) Φ210×70
3.3Bearing wheel size Φ×w(mm) Φ80×60
3.4additional wheelsdimensionsΦ×w(mm) 


3.5Wheels, number front/rear (x = driven)  1x/4
3.7Track widthb11 (mm)400/535


4.4Lifth3 (mm)200
4.9Overall height(With handleh14 (mm)740/1160
4.15lowered hengthh13 (mm)


4.19Overall lengthl1 (mm)1603


Length to fork facel2 (mm)453
4.21Overall widthb1/ b2 (mm)550/685
4.22Fork dimensionss/e/l (mm)50/150/1150
4.25Width of forksb5 (mm)550/685
4.32Min.Ground clearancem2 (mm)35
4.33Aisle width with pallet 1000 x 1200 across forksAst (mm)1804
4.34Aisle width with pallet 800 x 1200 along forksAst (mm)1854
4.35Min.Turning radiusWa (mm)1398


5.1Travel speed,laden/unladen(km/h)4.2/4.5
5.8Maximum climbing ability, with/without load(%)5/10
5.10 Service brake

Electromagnetic Brake


6.1Drive motor, 60 minute rating(kW)0.75
6.2Lift motor rating at S3 15%(kW)0.8
6.3Battery according to DIN 43531/35/36 A,B,C,nono
6.4Battery voltage/rated capacity(V/Ah)24/2024/3024/4024/60
6.5Battery weight (± 5%)(kg)67.810.213.2

其他  Others

8.1Type of drive control

DC Speed Control

8.4Noise level at operator‘s ear(dB(A))≤70