Mirror Treatment of Stainless Steel Precision Castings

Everyone knows stainless steel precision castings are of excellent properties. And mirror treatment can further enhance the hardness and gloss of stainless steel precision castings. Now, let us explain to you what should be paid attention to when producing stainless steel castings.

Experiments show that the sulfuric acid film is an important factor affecting the purity and transparency of stainless steel castings. Its thickness, porosity, purity, and sealing quality will directly interfere with the mirror effect of the casting. For instance, the purity and transparency will decrease if the oxide film contains more impurities.

Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the impurity content in the oxide film. In order to ensure the mirror treatment effect of stainless steel castings. As a result, we should control the thickness, porosity, purity, and sealing quality of the film reasonably, so as not to affect negatively the mirror treatment as much as possible.

The impurities in the oxide film are mainly derived from the castings and partly comes from the oxidation bath. Therefore, appropriately reducing the content of alloying elements in the casting can minimize the content of impurities. At the same time, reducing the impurity ions in the bath and keeping the bath fresh can also improve the purity of the oxide film.

It can be seen that it is also difficult to successfully complete the mirror treatment process of stainless steel castings. To achieve good results, it is necessary to eliminate various influencing factors and give full play to the effect of the process, so that the quality of the entire stainless steel casting improves accordingly.

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