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BS2789 Grade 420-12 SG Iron

BS2789 Grade 420-12 SG Iron

BS2789 Grade 420-12 SG Iron is not a common grade material.  We use ASTM A536 65-45-12 instead normally.

It is related to BS EN 1563 GJS 420-12; 60-40-10; 65-45-12; FGS420-12; SF400; SFP400; DIN 1693 ISO 185 250.

Properties of 420-12 SG Iron

Tensile strength ≥ 420Mpa.
Elongation ≥ 12%.

Mechanical properties shown are typical and may vary subject to the size and section of this SG iron grade.

Certification BS2789 420-12 S G Iron is available with a certificate or conformity, please request when placing any orders.

The hardness of 420-12 SG Iron

The hardness of this grade is around 212 Brinell hardness.

Chemistry composition of 420-12 SG Iron

Carbon 3.40-3.85%

Phosphorous 0.10% max

Manganese 0.10-0.30%

Sulphur 0.02% max

Silicon 2.30-3.10%

Magnesium 0.07% max


Foundry of 420-12 SG Iron

BS2789 Grade 420-12 is suitable for applications where the optimal impact, fatigue, electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability features。

Typical applications include valves, dies, pistons and moulds.

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