The Differences between Cast Iron and Cast Aluminum

The Differences between Cast Iron and Cast Aluminum

Due to the different materials, the distinction between cast aluminum and cast iron is quite obvious. Today, Yide Casting will share the differences with you, so that you can choose the right material for your castings.

  • The difference in weight

The specific gravity of cast aluminum is lighter than cast iron. The density of cast iron is about 7.8 g/cm3, while the density of cast aluminum is about 2.7g/cm3. The weight of cast aluminum parts of the same size is obviously lighter.

  • The difference in volume

The specific gravity of aluminum is lighter. At the same time, the structural strength of aluminum castings per unit volume is less than that of iron castings.Thus the volume of aluminum castings with the same strength is larger than that of iron castings. In the case of the same volume, the strength of cast aluminum is lower than that of cast iron.

  • The difference in cost

The current market price of cast aluminum is much higher than cast iron.

  • The difference in heat dissipation

The thermal conductivity of cast aluminum parts is more than three times that of cast iron parts. It has been widely used in radiators and heat exchangers in industry and cooking utensils.

  • The difference in corrosion resistance

The surface of aluminum castings has a corrosion-resistant oxide protective film, which protects aluminum castings from corrosion. Therefore, aluminum castings are also widely used in medical equipment, refrigeration equipment, oil and gas pipelines, petroleum machinery, etc. The corrosion of iron castings is far less than that of aluminum castings.

  • The difference in casting performance

The casting performance of aluminum is higher than that of cast iron. Aluminum is easy to cast and can cast rough castings with complex shapes.

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