Yide Casting Welcome the Visiting of Foreign Customers!

With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation of R&D technology, Yide Casting is also expanding the international market and attracting many foreign customers to visit and inspect.

With the further expansion of the business, our ductile cast iron products originally exported to the United States have been highly recognized by the local market. Yesterday, American customers visited our company and our company expressed a warm welcome!

Chairman Wang of our company negotiated business with customers. We had detailed exchanges on the company’s strength, development planning, product sales and typical cooperative customers.


Introducing the company’s history, workshops and products to customers.

Taking customers to visit and inspect our two fully automatic casting lines.

During the visit, the foreign trade supervisor communicated with customers on the processing technology and processing efficiency of cast iron products.

After the visit, customers have more recognition of the product quality. Yide Casting sincerely invite more domestic and foreign friends to visit our

company for further cooperation!

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