Causes and solutions of casting deformation

Causes and solutions of casting deformation

Deformation means the mismatch between the whole or part of the casting and the design. Then what are the causes of deformation, and what are the solutions to deformation? Today, Yide Casting will introduce the causes and solutions for you.

Causes of deformation:

1. Uneven shrinkage caused by the unreasonable design of casting;

2. The mold temperature is too high, with insufficient hardness, and the cooling time is not enough.

3. The mold shell design is not reasonable;

4. There is mucosa on the casting;

5. The temperature difference between different parts of the cavity is relatively large, and the cooling operation is uneven.


Solutions to deformation:

1. Improving the structure of casting, in order to increase the inner wall thickness of the mold shell appropriately;

2. Increasing the cooling time so as to low down the temperature of the mold shell;

3. Adjusting different parts of the mold shell appropriately, especially balance the top part;

4. Cleaning away the mucosa on the casting;

5. Controlling the casting temperature, so as to ensure that the overall temperature in the cavity is balanced.

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