Causes of Infiltration during Production Process of Large Castings

Infiltration is actually a method of treating pores, especially the micropores which cannot be seen directly with naked eyes. The appearance of micropores on the casting will cause leakage of the sealing medium, increase the abrasion of machining tools and cost, which making the quality of the product impossible to guarantee. Thus in the production process of large castings, casting foundries will adopt the method of infiltration.

Vacuum pressure infiltration is a useful method to treat micropores. The reliable sealing ability of the impregnant can handle leaking castings caused by micropores. This method is widely used. Vacuum pressure infiltration can resist heat, oil, and chemical erosion. The treatment process can be applied to raw materials and machined parts. At the same time, this method can make the size of the castings unchanged, and the castings uncontaminated as well.

Principle of infiltration

Infiltration is also known as impregnation. Through the vacuum pressure infiltration equipment, the infiltration glue can be fully integrated into the micropores of the castings, filling the micropore gap, effectively avoiding the leakage and corrosion of the castings, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing and leakage repairing.