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EN-GJS-500-7 Ductile Cast Iron GGG50

EN-GJS-500-7 is middle grade of ductile cast iron in European standard DIN EN 1563.

It is equal to GGG50 in DIN 1693, QT500-7 in China, A536 70-50-05 in USA ASTM, GS500-7 in Italy, FCD500 in Japan, FGS500-7 in France, G500/7 in India, FGE50-7 in Belgium, SJK-500 in Norway and ISO 500-7.

Now, let me introduce its mechanical properties, chemical composition, foundries and castings to you.

Mechanical Properties of EN-GJS-500-7

Tensile strength ≥ 500 Mpa.
Yield strength ≥ 320 Mpa.
Elongation ≥ 7%.
Hardness range: Brinell Hardness 170-230.
No impact requirement.

The tensile strength and elongation are the key inspection standard for qualification. Buyers could judge unqualified castings according to these two parameters. Hardness can not be taken as an quality evaluation data unless you have special requirement.

Chemical Composition of EN-GJS-500-7

The normal chemical composition for this grade is as the following:

C: 2.7-3.7.
Si: 0.8-2.9
Mn: 0.3-0.7
P: ≤0.1
S: ≤0.02

The chemical composition has big difference in different standards. All compositions are just for reference. The international standards stipulate that the manufacturers could adjust their chemical composition according to their experience and production conditions, as long as their material could meet the mechanical properties.

Production Foundries of EN-GJS-500-7

EN-GJS-500-7, or called as cast iron GGG50, is a very common and normal cast iron grade. Most of iron foundries in China could produce this material. So, it is not difficult to find a foundry who could produce it, but just difficult to find one who could produce it very well. In other words, consistent quality is always important.

Main Casting Products of EN-GJS-500-7

There are many casting products using this grade, such as iron brackets for trucks, tractors, other agricultural and construction machinery. The followings are some casting products manufactured by our foundry.

hand pallet truck bracketcasting iron bracket cast iron bracket cast iron bracket


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