Gray iron castings sometimes experience local sand sticking after casting. This is because the partial coating in the cavity falls off or cracks during casting. At the same time, the liquid metal will penetrate between the sand grains to form different degrees of sticky sand defects.

The main reasons for sticky sand defects are as follows:

  • The paint is not evenly applied.
  • The paint is too breathable.
  • The local dry sand compaction is too low. That means, the sand is not filled to the proper density during modeling.
  • The coating on the part that is subjected to high temperature is too thin.
  • Excessive negative pressure.
  • The casting temperature is too high and exceeds the range of the refractory coating.

Measures to effectively solve the sand sticking of gray iron castings:

1. To increase coating thickness and refractoriness. We recommend choosing better quality refractory coatings as much as possible.

2. Reasonably control the casting temperature. Use the temperature detection rod to detect whether the temperature of the molten iron reaches the casting temperature in time.

3. The principle of low-temperature casting of molten metal at high temperature is adopted to reduce the penetration of high-temperature molten iron into the cavity.

4. When molding the mold periphery, try to choose fine molding sand to place the molten iron penetrating the coating into the sand grains. Meanwhile, use slightly larger sand molding sand to improve air permeability. In the meantime, ensure that the molding sand is filled in place and compacted to a reasonable density.


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