Small cast doors are small doors made of cast iron, also called small cast iron doors.

Depending on the application, there are many types of cast iron doors. For example, cast doors used on boilers are called ash doors; and cast doors used on stoves, fireplaces and stoves called furnace doors. Small cast doors mean that their size is very small, usually from tens of millimeters to hundreds of millimeters.

The materials used for small cast iron doors include gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, and alloy cast iron. Most of the materials are gray cast iron ASTM A48 Class 30, 20, or gray iron DIN EN1561 EN-GJL-200, EN-GJL-150 or gray iron FC150, FC200. In order to improve its fire resistance, it is usually necessary to add a certain content of chromium (Cr) alloy. For this purpose, 1% Cr should be used.

For small cast doors, Yide Casting usually uses the green sand molding process to manufacture larger cast doors, and the resin sand shell molding process to manufacture smaller cast doors. In general, automatic molding lines are not suitable for small mold doors. Because hot mold doors need to stay in the sand mold for more than one night to avoid deformation.

Of course, for cast iron doors, the surface quality must be very good. In order to meet the surface quality, Yide foundry uses fine sand and pre-coated resin sand as molding materials.

For buyers, surface quality will be the first check point. And flatness is also be very important. Although the material is not very important, the supplier should meet the material standard. Otherwise the cast iron door is easy to crash.

Generally, most cast doors do not require sanding. If necessary, you should indicate them on the drawing or in your inquiry. At the same time, the coating requirements are also important for cast iron doors, such as painting, galvanizing, and anti-rust methods.

There are many iron casting factories in China that can produce cast iron doors, but only a few cast iron doors are of high quality. The biggest difficulty in producing them is maintaining good surface quality.

Yide casting has more than 20 years of casting experience. We can provide you with high-quality cast iron doors and the best service. If you are looking for cast iron doors, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately to get the most professional help.