Today, we will briefly introduce the process of producing custom cast iron parts in China. And the types of custom cast iron castings and OEM manufacturers as well.

The process of producing custom cast iron parts

1. According to samples, drawings or customer requirements, make wood, resin, plastic, aluminum or iron patterns.
2. After the pattern is obtained, rough iron castings are made by sand casting or other casting processes.
3. After sandblasting and cleaning, if necessary, perform machining work,
4. Finally paint, or make special coating and packaging as required.

Types of custom cast iron castings

1. According to the material, customized iron castings can be divided into gray cast iron, ductile iron and malleable cast iron.
2. According to the casting process, it can be divided into sand casting, lost wax investment casting, permanent metal mold casting, foam lost foam casting and continuous casting.

OEM manufacturer of iron castings

In China, most cast iron foundries are OEM manufacturers. They have the ability to produce customized cast iron parts according to customer requirements.

In addition, there are many professional machining workshops. Although they cannot produce rough castings in-house, they usually have some local casting suppliers or producers. Therefore, they can buy rough castings locally and then machining, painting and packaging. Because of their professional experience and processing equipment. They are also excellent manufacturers of customized cast iron, especially for cast iron parts with high-precision machining requirements.

Some customized cast iron products

There are many types of custom manufactured cast iron products, such as stoves, tractors, truck parts, machinery parts, manhole covers, pipe fittings, pumps and valve parts. Custom metal castings are the foundation of the industrial and civil sectors.

cast counterweight iron from Yide Casting iron casting part

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