How to Clean Cast Forklift Parts

The usability of cast forklifts is now more extensive. Manual loading and unloading of goods have become a thing of the past. Casting forklifts not only bring good work efficiency to workers, but also reduce labor costs for enterprises. So the iron cast forklifts play an important role in the modern industry.

In fact, many parts of forklifts need to be maintained, not only the vehicle body, but also the system. Only in this way can the forklift maintain good working performance. When doing maintenance for the forklift, you need to check the different types of accessories to see if they are aging.

The maintenance of forklift cast parts is very important. If an abnormal situation is found in a certain position of the forklift, it should be checked in time to avoid affecting the work quality. When necessary, you need to contact a professional forklift maintenance master to avoid bigger problems.

So, today we will introduce several methods for cleaning forklift parts

Precautions for cleaning forklift parts: The cleaning method should be reasonably selected according to the cause and characteristics of the oil pollution to ensure the normal use of the parts, avoid corrosion or damage to the parts, and prevent environmental pollution and subsequent contamination of the parts.

1. Vibration cleaning

Place the parts to be cleaned on the cleaning basket or cleaning rack of the vibrating washer and immerse them in the cleaning liquid. The vibration generated by the cleaning machine simulates the manual rinsing action and the chemical action of the cleaning liquid to remove oil stains.

2. Ultrasonic cleaning

Rely on the chemical action of the cleaning liquid and the ultrasonic oscillation introduced into the cleaning liquid to remove oil stains.

3. Spray washing

Spray a cleaning fluid with a certain pressure and temperature on the surface of the parts to remove oil stains. This method has good cleaning effect and high production efficiency, but the equipment is complicated, and it is suitable for cleaning parts with less complicated shapes and serious grease stains on the surface.

4. Scrub

Put the parts in a container filled with diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluid, scrub with cotton yarn or scrub with a brush. This method is easy to operate, simple in equipment, but low in efficiency, and is suitable for a single small batch of small parts. In general, gasoline is not suitable for use because of its fat-soluble properties, which will harm people’s health and easily cause fires.

5. Boil and wash

Put the prepared solution and the parts to be cleaned into a cleaning pool of appropriate size welded with steel plates, heat it to 80~90℃ with an under-pool stove, and cook for 3~5min.

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