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Introduction of Iron Based Coated Sand Casting

Brief introduction of iron based coated sand casting: Iron based coated sand casting is a casting production technology. In the 1970s, Chinese foundry workers developed a special casting technology method, which is based on the research of domestic and foreign foundry counterparts, and in combination with China’s national conditions. It is different from sand casting, […]

Small Cast Door

Small cast doors are small doors made of cast iron, also called small cast iron doors. Depending on the application, there are many types of cast iron doors. For example, cast doors used on boilers are called ash doors; and cast doors used on stoves, fireplaces and stoves called furnace doors. Small cast doors mean […]

Comparison Table of Stainless Steel Grades

Stainless steel is also called acid-resistant stainless steel. It has good corrosion resistance, is beautiful, does not fade and is easy to clean. Moreover, its service life is very long. Stainless steel castings are widely used in auto parts, household appliances and construction industries. The following is a comparison table of stainless steel grades provided […]

Equivalent Grades of Gray iron and Ductile iron

This is a comparison table for the gray iron and ductile iron grades of various standards, from Yide foundry, including ISO, GB, ASTM, DIN, EN, JIS, UNI, NF, BS, IS, UNF, NBN, AS, SS, NS.   Country Standard Equivalent Grades of Gray Iron (Grey Cast Iron) ISO ISO 185 100 150 200 250 300 350 […]

AISI 1070 SAE UNS G10700 Carbon Steel Foundry

China’s steel foundry produces AISI 1070 SAE UNS G10700 carbon steel castings. In the following, we will be divided into various parts to introduce you to the chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties of the material, as well as the equivalent material grade. Chemical Composition The chemical composition of AISI 1070 carbon steel is outlined […]

AISI 1045 SAE UNS G1045 Carbon

Yide Casting now can provide the service of producing and machining AISI 1045 SAE UNS G10400 carbon steel. Please feel free to contact us for professional service, if you have any thoughts on this material product. Today, we will introduce the chemical composition, physical and mechanical properties and equivalent material grades of AISI 1045 carbon […]