Precautions of Stainless Steel Castings

The exterior design of stainless steel castings should first make the modeling of the mold convenient and easy to cast. However, we should pay attention to the following points in the casting process.

1. Avoid external undercut

We should avoid external undercut of stainless steel castings. Otherwise, it will hinder the ejection of the mold and increase the complexity of the casting process. For the end cover, the undercut caused by  extended edge of the upper flange, thus the casting forms two parting surfaces. We should improve the design, so that there is only one parting surface, and the mine modeling is simple.

2. Reasonable parting surface 

The reasonable parting surface not only saves the molding labor, the casting error is small, but also the casting has less flash and burrs, which reduces the workload.

3. Improve the boss and rib structure

The bosses on the vertical wall of stainless steel castings often prevent the mold from being pulled out, so that a live block shape must be used, or an external core must be added. If the distance between the boss and the back is relatively close, the corresponding boss extends to the parting surface, and the model can be taken out smoothly, simplifying the process. In the design of bosses and ribs, some designers neglect the possibility of mold release, which makes mold modeling difficult.

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