There are many ways to know the quality of gray iron castings. Not only can the quality be distinguished from the appearance of the casting, but also the shape and color of the iron cut can be observed during machining and cutting. In addition, we can see the hardness of the casting through machining. After processing, we can judge the quality of the castings by observing the smoothness of the processed surface. For example, whether there are pores, blisters, shrinkage porosity, sand inclusions, etc.

Gray iron castings

The machining allowance for gray iron castings is reserved according to the size of the castings. Small gray iron castings also have a machining allowance of 2-3mm. After the casting of good quality is processed, the gloss of the processed surface is slightly higher. And the brightness is uniform. In the meantime, there is no casting defect problem. The higher the density of the casting, the higher the finish. During processing, the hardness is moderate and there will be no processing hard or soft processing.

Small gray iron castings

After processing, observe the processing surface to find the solution to the casting problem. During casting, the front of the casting is usually downward and the bottom is upwards. If brown spots are found after processing, it can be determined that these spots are caused by the floating of the carburant during the pouring process. That means the carburant is of poor quality. At this time, it is necessary to replace a better quality carburant to solve this problem. Generally, we can use carburant having undergone high temperature graphitization.

Gray iron casting processing

After processing, if there are regular small pieces of shrinkage, or small pieces of shrinkage with shapes, you can check whether the back of the gray iron casting is designed with rib layout or link ribs according to the position of shrinkage. If there is, it explains the existence of ribs. The shrinkage porosity of the machined surface of gray iron castings during the cooling process is to feed the reinforcing ribs or connecting ribs. As a result, it causes this phenomenon of shrinkage. The solution is to increase the temperature of the molten iron and the pouring speed in pouring.


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