Why does gray iron castings hard?

The comprehensive mechanical properties of gray cast iron are low, due to the presence of flake graphite. The metal matrix structure is split and the effective area of ​​load-bearing is reduced. However, the gray iron castings’ vibration damping, wear resistance, castability and machinability are better.

If the gray iron casting is too hard to machine during processing, we recommend the following inspection and rescue methods:

  1. If the manganese content is too high, the surface of gray iron castings will be hard. Therefore, It is necessary to check the chemical composition.
  2. The gray iron casting will be hard if the thin-walled cooling process is too fast.
  3. Due to the relatively high hardness of gray iron castings, choosing a reasonable tool is necessary. You can use G8 for rough machining, G6 for semi-finishing, and G3 for finishing. It is also necessary to select the appropriate speed and feed rate.
  4. Annealing treatment can eliminate the hardness of the casting itself, and lower the hardness of the casting as well. 

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