The Application of Ductile Iron Castings for Pipes

When occurs in the casting market, the ductile iron casting shows its excellent wear resistance feature. In other words, the ductile iron casting plays an important role in the field of wear resistance.  At the same time, the ductile iron casting gets a fast development in different fields. In the following, I will mainly introduce the ductile iron casting pipes.

iron casting pipes iron drainpipe

In the project of drinking water transmission and distribution, ductile iron casting pipes have achieved great success and gained a reputation in the fields of hydraulics, casting and metallurgy. Ductile iron casting sewer pipes and fittings are controlled to minimize damage to the piping system due to external pressure.

grey iron casting valve and iron pipes


The external anti-corrosion measures of ductile iron casting sewer pipes include spraying zinc 130g/m2, coating red anti-corrosion material and using epoxy coating on the socket. The high alumina cement HAC used in the anti-corrosion pipeline contains more than 50% alumina. And the cement lining rich in metal ions, thus provides excellent wear resistance.


At the same time, we use centrifugal spraying technology to spray the inner surface of the tube and make it very smooth. This measure effectively reduce the head loss. In addition, the outer anti-corrosion layer sprayed with red epoxy resin ensures the resistance of the pipe to chemical corrosion.


Whether in municipal or industrial areas, protecting people’s property safety is an important mission of the fire pipeline system. Ductile iron casting pipe has a triple safety factor in design. The design ensures the entire fire protection system, including valves and fire hydrants. Besides, it fully meets the requirements of the fire pipe system.


The requirements of agricultural irrigation on the sealing performance of pipelines are not as strict as drinking water.  Now, with the increasing shortage of water resources and the increase of costs, this concept is changing. In order to ensure long-term impermeability, the agricultural irrigation pipe network must be able to resist soil movement, the passage of agricultural machinery, and any other possible accidents。

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