The Maintenance and Common Faults of Manual Hydraulic Pallet Jack

Today, we will introduce the maintenance and common faults of manual hydraulic pallet jack to you as follows.

Daily Maintenance:

1. Adding oil

Check the oil level once a month. We recommend you to use 32# hydraulic oil.

2. Exhaust

Due to transportation or the inversion of the pump body, air is likely to enter the hydraulic pump. This will cause the failure to lift cargo when the pressure is suppressed in the rising position. You can operate exhaust according to the following steps: pull the top of the handle to the down position, then lift up. Thus repeat for several times.

3. Daily inspection and maintenance

Routine maintenance is indispensable, and the focus should be on the maintenance of wheels, core axis and rags. When finish handling, we should remove the items on the fork and lower the fork frame to the lowest position.

4. Lubricant

We should add all bearings and shafts with lubricating oil. We only need to add lubricating oil to all moving parts at monthly intervals or during each thorough inspection.

iron casting oil pump

Common faults:

Fault 1: The fork cannot rise to the highest position

Cause analysis: insufficient hydraulic oil

Repair method: add hydraulic oil


Fault 2: The fork does not rise

Cause analysis: there are impurities in the hydraulic oil, the pressure relief valve is not adjusted properly, or there is air in the hydraulic oil.

Repair method: replace clean hydraulic oil, adjust set screw, remove air.


Fault 3: The fork does not drop

Cause analysis: the piston rod of the cylinder is deformed due to unbalanced load, parts are damaged or deformed due to unbalanced load, and the pressure relief valve is not adjusted properly

Maintenance method: replace the piston rod or cylinder, repair or replace related parts, adjust the set screw,


Fault 4: Leakage

Cause analysis: worn or damaged seals, cracked or worn parts

Repair method: replace new seals, check and replace new parts


Fault 5: The fork drops when the pressure is not released

Cause analysis: maybe there is impurities in the hydraulic oil, air in the hydraulic oil, the seal is worn or damaged, or the pressure relief valve is not adjusted properly.

Maintenance method: replace clean hydraulic oil, remove air, replace new seals, adjust set screws

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